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Revolutionary Solar – Core Values

Solar Energy offerings. Impeccable Timely Service

Revolutionary Solar is focused on providing sustainable solar solutions to its clients governed by environmental safety priorities and its integral core values.


We make sure that the quality of our offerings are not compromised in any way, and stand true to our commitments to environment sustainability.

Passion For Excellence

Our products are known for their innovative design and excellent performance owing to our constant monitoring for excellence.

Customer First

We prioritise the needs of our customers and the environment before profitability.

Good Value For Money

Our offerings are cost-effective for diverse purposes, as we leverage solar power systems efficiently with the optimal installation procedures.


Family Starter Package

2-3 kW       2-3 People

Annual Generation:

2920* – 4320* kW

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Power Saver Package

4-6 kW       3-5 People

Annual Generation:

5800* – 8750* kW

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Hybrid Solar Package

4.9-6 kW       3-5 People

Annual Generation:

5800* – 8750* kW

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Business Starter Package

10-15 kW       Small Business

Annual Generation:

2920* – 21900* kW

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Government Benefits

We offer solar systems that are eligible for financial incentives offered by the government to encourage the introduction of solar power and promoting renewable energy. The eligibility depends though if a state or regional scheme is in action.

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How Solar Works

Solar Panels capture the light from the sun and through the photo-voltaic properties of the panels the light is then converted into electricity. The conversion takes place within the specially fabricated semi-conductor crystals comprising the cells of the Solar Panels.

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Why Choose Us?

Revolutionary Solar is one of a kind company dealing in sustainable solutions in solar energy. We bring four differentiation to the table that gives us a distinct identity:


We use Tier 1 solar panels for our systems, along with highly efficient inverters that feature the latest battery technology, as part of our commitment for impeccable quality in our offerings

Best Price Guaranteed

Despite offering the best components for our systems, we do not charge our clients with ludicrous prices. We keep our margins low in our offerings without compromising quality.

Certified Professionals

Every quality offering needs the support of certified professionals. Our quality standards and stringent hiring process make sure that we assign only CEC Accredited installers for designing and installing our systems in your homes

Prompt Service

Our after sales is prompt enough as we promise a quick turnaround time to attend to issues, if any.

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